Which DNS Servers should I use?

If you plan to transfer your domain to our registrar, then please use the following DNS servers when hosting with us:

  • ns1.axdns.net -
  • ns2.axdns.net -
  • ns3.axdns.net -
  • ns4.axdns.net -

If you are an Axcess Enterprise client and have dedicated or colocation equipment at our Sunnyside, Washington Data Center then please use these DNS Servers.

  • ns5.axdns.net -
  • ns6.axdns.net -

If you are a Wireless Axcess™ client then please use these DNS Servers:

  • ns7.axdns.net -
  • ns8.axdns.net -

Axcess also aliases 4 of the Level3 DNS Servers for testing purposes:

  • ns9.axdns.net -
  • ns10.axdns.net -
  • ns11.axdns.net -
  • ns12.axdns.net -

If you have questions about this process, please consult with your Axcess Internet Support Engineer or contact us.

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