Why are you charging my phone bill?

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    Below is a letter that was published by Mr. Jim Restucci, COO & Executive Vice President for Axcess Internet Services, Inc.® regarding this issue, please feel free to use the contact links and email below if you still have questions regarding your phone bill. 
    January 1st, 2014
    (Originally published: August 27th, 2005)
    (Latest Revision: January 1st, 2014) 

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Recently the Axcess Internet offices have received phone calls from people and companies who claim that charges for Internet Service, attributed to Axcess Internet, are showing up on their phone bills.

    Axcess Internet would like to take this opportunity to let our customers know that neither Axcess Internet Services, Inc. nor, Axcess Internet (a Washington State registered trade name) is responsible for this action. Any charges attributed to Axcess Internet or its subsidiaries, found on your phone bill, were not made by Axcess Internet Services, Inc.

    Axcess Internet has been researching this issue and has learned that the company responsible for these charges may be Axcess Internet Solutions, Inc. Axcess Internet Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and is a subsidiary of Phinder Technologies, Inc. of Canada.

    Axcess Internet Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider, licensed in the State of Washington. While we do offer dial-up access, web hosting and consulting in other states, our primary base of operations and marketing area is Washington State.

    On December 6th, 2005, The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Trademark Registration No. 3,022,987 to Axcess Internet Services, Inc. Both the words “Axcess Internet Services, Inc.” and our above logo are Federally Registered Trademarks and their use are protected by law. The words Axcess Internet Service, Axcess Internet, Axcess ISP, AXISP and NETAXCESS are and have been Registered Trade Names of Axcess Internet Services, Inc. since April 15th, 2002. Documents pertaining to these Registered Trade Names are available at the Office of the Secretary of State for the State of Washington. Use of these Trade Names in the State of Washington is prohibited by law without our specific written consent.

    Axcess Internet’s identification numbers are as follows (listed with appropriate issuing agencies):

    • Federal Tax ID Number: 80-0061549
    • Washington State UBI: 602-187-225
    • D-U-N-S #: 02-229-2770

    Axcess Internet is devoted to continued monitoring of these complaints. If any of these charges appear on your phone bill and you are certain that your did not authorize them, Axcess Internet suggests that you contact the appropriate regulatory office of your home state, as well as the Federal Communications Commission ( http://www.fcc.gov/ ). If your phone company or any other regulatory agency has questions or concerns regarding this issue or our company, please direct them to this message or ask the company to contact Axcess Internet directly at: 509-839-5595.

    If you would like to help us in tracking this issue and are willing to provide us with a copy of phone bill, you may fax your bill to 509-837-4011, ATTN: Legal Department or email scanned versions (PDF or JPG only please) to legal@axcess.us. Please feel free to mark out any personal information. All we need is your company name and the charge with our company’s name on it.

    To all of the companies and people affected by this situation, Axcess Internet sympathizes with you. Yet, we again would like to assure you that we are not to blame.

    If you would like to contact us regarding this issue, please contact our Management Team.

    J. A. Restucci
    COO & Executive Vice President
    Axcess Internet Services, Inc.®

    Contact Information:
    Phone: (509) 839-5595
    Fax:  (509) 837-4011

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