Why is my email not working?

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    There can be many reasons why your email is not working; however one of the main reasons we see for this particular error is that your mailbox has expired.

    In order to keep disk space usage low, Axcess Internet deletes inactive mailboxes after 120 days.  As long as you access your mailbox at least once during that 120-day period your mailbox will be okay.

    If you require additional time on your mailbox, i.e. you are going on vacation, or placing your account on hold), please contact us to request an extension on your mailbox.

    One way to determine if your mailbox is still active or not, is to attempt to login to your account via our Webmail at http://axcess.us/webmail, enter your full email address and password.  If you receive an error that the mailbox doesn't exist or the username/password is invalid then your mailbox has probably been deleted.

    If you need to re-enable your mailbox because it was deleted, then please contact us.

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