550 Message rejected due to email or IP address

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    The email/IP address you are sending from has been blocked due to Axcess Member complaints and/or high volumes of e-mail.


    When an Axcess members reports a piece of email sent from one of your IPs as "spam", this is considered a "complaint". If you are having difficulty with the number of complaints you are receiving, please contact us.

    Mail Volumes: 
    Axcess Internet has made provisions for those who need to send large amounts of e-mail to our members. The bulk sender list allows for the possibility of large amounts of e-mail sent to Axcess. Apply for the bulk sender list by contacting us.

    Please note:  Axcess Internet does not allow bulk sending of email considered to be unsolicited.  Please do not contact us and ask to send commercial advertisments or political campaign messages to our customers.

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