Mail Server Maintenance

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    Axcess Internet routinely conducts maintenance on our enterprise-class mail server system.  We have created this KB article to answer some of the more commonly asked questions regarding that maintenance.

    There are two types of maintenance that Axcess conducts, Routine Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance, both are explained in detail below:

    Routine Maintenance:  usually requires a restart of the server systems and will briefly cause an interruption of mail services.  During this time (usually 15 minutes or less) mail flow is interrupted and access to the mail servers will return an error that the server is unavailable to both clients and other servers on the Internet.

    Emergency Maintenance:  or Unscheduled maintenance often requires the recovery of data or the migration of databases to or from the mail servers, and will usually cause a longer interruption of services.  During this time mail services may be interrupted or re-routed to other mail servers on the Internet.

    Our mail server system consists of multiple servers working in concert to provide both incoming and outgoing mail transfer.  When one of the servers is down, the others are able to take the place of the down server and continue to provide mail services.  However, when the maintenance requires the migration of database files, all servers must be shutdown to insure that no data corruption occurs during the maintenance.

    During this time mail services are interrupted and no mail is routed.  A server who attempts to deliver mail to our servers during an database maintenance period will receive an error that the server is unavailable.  However, in accordance with RFC 873 (An Internet Standard for Email) mail servers will attempt to deliver a message for up to 4 days, so no mail is lost during this period, and eventually all mail will be delivered.

    If you have questions regarding our maintenance policies, please consult the actual maintenance notice first, if you require additional assistance, please contact us at 1-866-4AXCESS.

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