Mailbox Size Limitations

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    As good stewards of the Internet, it is our responsibility to set certain limits when it comes to email messages.  Although some of these settings can be modified for an additional cost, the majority are industry standards.

    Maximum Domain Size:  None (This is based on the amount of disk space purchased by a hosting client and is only limited to the amount of space available on the storage media)

    Maximum Mailbox Size:  1 gigabyte.  This is the standard; however it can be modified for an additional charge. Please contact us for more information.

    Maximum Message Size:  30 megabytes.  This is the standard; however it can be modified for specific instances, but will never be more than 50 megabytes.  If you need to send messages larger than 50 megabytes, Axcess suggests that you use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server to upload your files to a central location.  If you require an FTP Server or other hosting solution please contact us.  Messages sent that exceed the 30 megabyte limit will be returned as undeliverable.

    Message Lifetime:  None.  This is the amount of time a message will be allowed to "live" within a given mailbox.  Provided that you access your mailbox on a regular basis, mail will never be deleted from your mailbox.

    Mailbox Lifetime:  120 days.  You are required to access your mailbox at least once during a 120 day period in order to keep your mailbox active.  If you fail to access your mailbox within a 120 day period the server is configured to automatically delete your mailbox and all mail within it.  If you need to extend the life of your mailbox or are having problems accessing your mailbox, please contact us.

    Incoming Trafffic Limit:  None; Axcess does not limit the amount of email you can receive.

    Outgoing Traffic Limit: None; Axcess does not limit the amount of email you can send.

    Warning for Mailboxes that are approaching quota limit:  950 megabytes.  When your mailbox reaches 950 megabytes in size, the server will send you an email informing you that you need to empty your mailbox or risk loosing additional email.  If you are using Webmail it's important for you to empty your mailbox's "Deleted Items" and "Sent Items" on a regular basis as these count to your overall mailbox size.

    If you have additional questions about mailbox quotas or would like to increase your mailbox size, please contact us.

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